About Us

Welcome to Mohamed Shebl Group for Engineering and Contracting (T.C.C)

Who Are We

The company has a professional and specialized team that is trained to the highest level. The team works together in a coordinated and harmonious manner to meet the needs of its clients and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction. The company is one of the leading companies in the field in Egypt and in the Middle East soon

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to be a leading and distinguished company in the field of engineering and contracting services. The company aims to achieve this vision by providing the highest levels of quality in all its projects and services, using the latest technologies and tools, developing the capabilities and skills of its employees, and focusing on innovation and continuous development.

Our Mission

The company aims to expand its business scope and achieve excellence in new areas. It also aims to enhance its technical and technological capabilities to meet the needs of its clients and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction. The company believes in the importance of sustainability and social responsibility and works hard to achieve sustainable development and contribute to improving the lives of the communities it serves.

What we provide?

Facility Management Dep "Operation & Maintenance"
Mohamed Shebl Group for Engineering and Contracting (T.C.C) prides itself on having a Facility Management Department that offers top-notch facility management services, thanks to the company’s vast expertise and highly skilled workforce. In this paragraph, we will discuss three key elements of the department’s operations.

Wide range of services

The Facility Management Department provides an extensive array of services, including the maintenance and operation of various facilities such as hospitals, factories, universities, gas stations, electricity stations, all water stations, villages, and other related projects.

Commitment to clients

The department is committed to providing its clients with comprehensive, cost-effective, and innovative solutions that exceed their expectations and meet their needs.

Highly qualified team & advanced technology

The Facility Department's team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who work together to deliver exceptional services. Additionally, the department utilizes the latest technologies and tools to offer a comprehensive and efficient facility management service to its clients.


Mohamed Shebl Group for Engineering and Contracting (T.C.C)

is a premier Egyptian contractor specializing in engineering and construction. It offers a diverse array of services such as general construction, electromechanical contracting, operation, maintenance, facilities management, and finishing. Committed to quality, safety, and occupational health, the company utilizes the latest technology and tools. Its expert team works collaboratively to satisfy client needs. T.C.C aspires to expand its operations, enhance its capabilities, support sustainable development, and positively impact the communities it serves